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Automate customer support with AI Assisted Chatbot

A Smart Chatbot that can help you deal with common customer questions so you can spend your time on the most important part of growing your business.

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Why AI Assisted Chatbot?

Wouldn’t it be great to have Customer Support Agent that responds instantly 24/7 and never gets tired?
Research has shown that due to Smartphones, people's attention span is  less than a goldfish….????

(Human:8 sec vs Goldfish:9 sec)
BotRR Chatbot Goldfish
If your customer support doesn’t respond within⏱8 sec, 
you will most likely lose that customer over to your competitor.

AI Chatbot Use Cases

Marketing Chatbot Demo

Aircon AI Chatbot

Aircon companies can use the chatbot to capture their customer's information and transfer it to the spreadsheet. FAQ can be answered by it and assist customer on appointment booking.
Car Dealer AI Chatbot System

Car Dealer AI Chatbot

Frequently asked questions for Car Dealer companies can be answered with an artificial intelligence-assisted bot. Notification email can be sent to the page admins by the chatbot.
Loyalty Card Chatbot System

Loyalty Chatbot

Your old school loyalty card is easy to misplace and can cost you a lot in printing. Your customers loyalty program will be taken care of by this chatbot.
Ecommerce Chatbot Demo Bike Accessories

Ecom Chatbot

Ecommerce AI ChatBot that can show product or service galleries and automate your Facebook messenger.
Membership Chatbot System Video

Membership Chatbot

A chatbot that takes care of your memberships. Members can use their points to purchase products and services.
Event Registration Chatbot System Video

Event Chatbot

Your event bookings and reservations are taken care of by a chatbot. The attendees detail is captured and saved to a spreadsheet for your records.
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Our Services

We design and create conversation flow for both Directional and AI Assisted Chatbot.

AI Chatbot Development

Facebook Messenger or Telegram Chatbot assisted with Google's AI. It's a smart chat bot that has machine learning capabilities.

Directional Marketing Chatbot

A single-directional web chatbot that leads conversations. Customer input is allowed when the robot asks for information.

Mini Apps Chatbot

A customised chatbot application with functions that meet your needs.

Mini Page for Web Chatbots

A mobile-optimised mini-page to host your web chatbots. It's a mini landing page for your directional chatbot.

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We check your Page FAQ's
We will list down the top frequently asked questions and build a conversational flow. 
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Chat bot Development

Design the Chatbot's Flow

We create a test page to test the conversation. Teach and retrain the chatbot for other keyword triggers.

Launch Chatbot and Train

Launch and continue to train the chatbot for new keywords to make it smarter. 
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